Photos - December 2008

Quilt and quilt label

needle case front and inside

table runner



square bullseye




tote & accessories

tote accessories


doll quilt


Christmas bag

fabric christmas bags

winter sleep mask

I spy

string quilt

cross stitch



upholstery of dining room chairs

christmas tree napkins .... tutorial

christmas firecrackers

I Spy

suede grocery tote

birthday purse

grocery tote


extra large tote

purse accessories

table runner

pin cushion

crazy 9 patch quilt

Stashbusting Challenge with a TWIST

The TWIST, the TWIST will start January 1, 2009 ......

Pat and I hope that you'll enjoy the 2009 Stashbusting Challenge "TWIST".

Fat Quarter (no changes)
Fat quarter will be sent to each person who finishes an item just like in 2008. Same rules, no change. You will still PM (private message) Pat with your name/address. You will still post on our Stashbusting Challenge Thread just like in 2008.

Each quarter (4 times in 2009) all those who complete a project your name will be entered in a drawing. So if you complete a project in January and March, your name will be entered 2 times. Prize will be awarded.

We would like for everyone to keep track of the stash you use .... an estimate is all that's necessary. At the end of June you'll post your total amount used. This is strictly on the honor system. Pat and I will award a gift. There are lots of way to keep track ... spreadsheets, Microsoft free calendar, paper calendar and etc. Do whatever is easy for you.

We have started a BLOG http://stashbustershgtv.blogspot.com/ I'll copy/post photos that you upload on our Stashbusting Challenge Thread to the Blog. We thought to do this because HGTV is now deleting prior postings beyond 3 months. At the end of the year we will have such eye candy and memories all in one place. Now you'll see my profile is on the Blog ... that's because I created it under my Blogger sign-in. I didn't want to complicate my life by creating a new identity.

At the end of the year two (2) prizes will be awarded. One for most stash used for the year and the other for a completed project which Pat and I will select.
You will still PM your information to Pat (gardenpat).

Photos are encouraged but not necessary. You're encouraged to use existing stash but if you need to buy fabric in order to complete your project please do so.

The object is to try and use up more of your present Stash and clean up UFO's.We hope everyone will continue this journey with us.

Everyone is invited to join. You may join anytime. You are not required to do it every month ... just anytime, any month when you have time.
See you in January, 2009.